Fall Protection

Visual Identity

After the initial conversation and briefing on the project, and a clear understanding of Fall Protections customers and market the next steps of the project was to create a consistent visual style across all aspects of the brand identity.

Although a relatively small project the purpose was to create a more reputable look and feel for Fall Protection. This involved designing the logo, brand colours and typographic style.

The logo takes inspiration from the decking and fall safety bags Fall Protection supply, the two shapes fit neatly together the way the safety equipment does on a building site or loading bay. The bold and contrasting colours were chosen for visual impact with the decision to use one as a fill colour and the others as an accent colour interchangeably to allow greater design freedom where required.

To support the primary brand assets an iso-grid pattern was created to use alongside simple concrete textures to add a more dynamic element to the visual identity.

The new identity was rolled out across Fall Protections stationary and brand communications as well as their vehicle livery.

Project Details