Loc8um App
Work completed on behalf of Whiteroom Brand Design

Loc8um was created when the founders saw a gap in the market to connect veterinary locums with practices.

Brand Strategy & Identity Design

The current market place is dominated by recruitment agencies who typically have high fee's and small rosters of locums which are hard to access. Their vision was to create an open market place which gave locums the freedom and opportunity to find work on their terms while helping to maximise recruitment efficiency and reduce staffing costs.

I worked directly with the Loc8um team to define the brand strategy through a series of workshops to understand the market, audience and requirements for the brand identity. During the brand discovery I developed the brand strategy, tone of voice and positioning to allow loc8um to communicate effectively. The brand identity and visual style was then built on the strategy stage to the project to provide them with a complete identity system ready to take to market.

Product Strategy & UX UI Design

I also took the founders initial requirements and aspirations for the app and created the user experience and interface ready for development. This involved a series of workshops to define the user personas required functionality.

The early stage research and development was then translated into a complete user experience allowing practices to create placements where locums could then make bids on the work required. The result was a fully interactive prototype and corresponding design system ready for development.

Project Details